“Ann & Chris” Season 6, Episode 13

“Ann & Chris” Season 6, Episode 13

Leslie tosses a going away celebration for Ann and Chris she runs into problems when her plan to surprise Ann leads them both on a scavenger hunt before they leave Pawnee for good but.

Jessica: personally i think into a false sense of security here, but fine, I’ll go with it and concede a small victory to you in return like you’re luring me. Will it be unjust that Ann eventually ends up making Pawnee, which offered the show a justification to emphasize the entirety of their relationship with this specific going away episode? Most Likely. However you’ve surely got to admit watching them scramble to obtain Lot 48 exposed so they really could really break ground together before Ann shot to popularity for Michigan ended up being the tribute that is perfect their relationship.

“Ron & Jammy” Season 7, Episode 2

To win a re-zoning that is crucial, Leslie enlists Ron’s assist in prying Councilman Jamm from Tammy 2’s evil clutches. (more…)

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