Can We Repay Your Student Education Loans With Bank Cards And Go Bankrupt?

Can We Repay Your Student Education Loans With Bank Cards And Go Bankrupt?

Bankruptcy can wipe away some kinds of debt, although not them all. As an example, the next kinds of financial obligation are nondischargeable:

  • Alimony (spousal help)
  • Son or daughter support
  • Debts from individual injury sustained while driving drunk (when you have this sort of financial obligation, please offer me your target therefore I can poop on the face)
  • Loans that have been acquired through fraudulence (poop-rule pertains here too)

Ideally you don’t have some of these kinds of debt now. Unfortuitously figuratively speaking are often nondischargeable also. The only method you will get surrounding this guideline is whenever you can show your debt is causing you undue hardship – in addition to recommendations for demonstrating that are pretty damn strict.

“But wait – I am able to simply pay my student loans off with bank cards, then register Chapter 7 to wipe away the credit debt which is dischargeable! ” – smart-ass grad

So now we started to the “hack”.

We have heard a couple of people that are different aloud why more students don’t do that. It the first time, my rationalist training kicked in and a simple thought bubbled to the forefront of my mind when I heard about:

It has ended up being a fairly habit that is useful take – which can be probably why it is the very first product in the Rationality Checklist. In this instance, I adopted up that thought with all the realization that bankruptcy officials are likely perhaps not that stupid.

I’d assume that I’m a person who is generally knowledgeable about credit and what you can do with it“If I were writing bankruptcy law. And when I had been making a summary of the kinds of financial obligation being nondischargeable, I’d probably assume that folks would attempt to sidestep that list by paying down their debts that are nondischargeable dischargeable financial obligation. (more…)

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